Values First - Estate Planning with a Purpose

Need a Speaker?

If you are looking for a speaker for your professional organization meeting, company training, client appreciation function, or at any event that your audience would like to learn more about preparing for their estate plan, estate organizing, living trusts, creating a loving legacy, or home/office file organizing, I have a  variety of presentations focused on helping people get their personal affairs organized in order to prepare their estate plan, or be prepared in the event of a catastrophe or incapacity to perform daily responsibilities. 

I can develop a presentation specifically for your organization’s event, ranging from thirty minutes to one hour. My lectures are educational, motivational, and contain practical information. I can present the topic targeting a particular audience, such as financial investment clients, senior population, realtors, accountants, small business owners, or job seekers, to name a few.

Following are summaries of my most popular topics:

A Plan and a Place for Everything in 10 Simple Lessons

Do you procrastinate when it comes to planning for your own needs in being prepared in the event of a catastrophe, or incapacity to manage your personal affairs? Learn what you need to do to be prepared to safeguard your loved ones from indecision and lack of direction and have a plan and a place for everything vital for being prepared.


Clear your desk, Clear your mind

No matter how good your intentions may be, you are going to have the world come at you faster than you can keep up. It’s not your fault if you struggle every day with too much paper and nowhere to put it; if you forget to do things; if you’re late or not prepared for a meeting; if you can’t find it when you need it; or if you never have enough time to get things done. Learn how to make decisions about all the “incoming stuff” in your life, such as voice mail, email, paper mail, etc. and “stuff in your head”. Learn how to capture all the things that need to get done, now, later, someday, big, little, or in between, into a trusted system so that your mind can function at a higher level.


The Gift of Love: Advanced Health Care Directives

Just as financial planning helps to ensure that our financial goals are met, advance care planning is a process to think through, discuss and document goals for end-of-life care.  Without planning and communication, your family and health care providers may struggle to honor your wishes and values if you are unable to communicate. You can take steps to ensure that your family, friends and health care providers know what your wishes are and your personal beliefs about continuing or withdrawing medical treatments at the end of life. 


To discuss scheduling a speaking engagement, or to request a more detailed description of presentations, please contact me at (775) 882-5771 or email me at