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Power of Attorney Abuse:What States Can Do About It explores the problem of power of attorney abuse and how state legislatures can protect vulnerable adults against it. ...READ MORE

There are several tax changes that either are under consideration by Congress, or that have passed and will be implemented:The Federal Estate Tax is still in limbo...READ MORE

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Caught Between the Elder Care and Education Money Pits Something's got to give when you're caring for aging parents while paying for your kids' pricey education--and it's often your retirement plans.

Trial of Brooke Astor’s Son: Elder Abuse?
What was the mental condition of Manhattan socialite and philanthropist Brooke Astor when she changed her will in the final years of her life? How jurors decide this question will likely determine the outcome of her son's trial on charges that he stole millions of dollars from her estate, legal experts say.

Estate tax gap forces states to make some tough choices Shopping for the best deals is an American obsession. Now, wealthy older people may be shopping for the best states to die in—those without estate taxes. ...READ MORE

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