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The Estate Plan ® A Comprehensive Estate Preservation Program

As an Independent Advisor with The Estate Plan, a reputable company who has operated successfully for 25 years preparing over 100,000 Living Trusts, I help people to complete a fully funded Living Trust, thus fulfilling the ultimate goal for most estate plans.

The Estate Plan’s Living Trust is the foundation of a comprehensive estate preservation program, designed to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries with minimum anxiety, cost, or complication. The Living Trust is one of the most versatile estate preservation tools available.

As an Estate Plan Independent Advisor, I have the opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of over 1400 Estate Plan Advisors and Attorneys nationwide within the Estate Plan network. This is one of the key reasons that I have the utmost confidence in The Estate Plan’s Living Trust because their trust documents are used by attorneys nationwide.

Another reason that I value using The Estate Plan Living Trust documents is that researching, amending, investigating, educating, and providing the highest quality living trust is all that The Estate Plan does. They have a dedicated, experienced team that includes attorneys and financial advisors that constantly monitor, improve, and execute the finest legal estate planning documents available.

The Estate Plan Corporation is celebrating 25 years as the leading trust provider with over 100,000 Estate Plan Living Trusts prepared, including a full range of estate planning products and services, each tailored to a client’s individual needs.


What happens during an estate planning session?

As an advisor for The Estate Plan, my role is to educate my clients about the Living Trust which includes how a Living Trust works and compares to a Loving Will, the advantages and differences of the many types of trusts, and to review, with my clients, the ancillary documents included with The Estate Plan’s Living Trust. I then gather and prepare a financial summary of my client’s estate and instructions for assigning trustees, the allocation and distribution of the estate, and the power of attorney documentation that are part of the ancillary documents.

All of this information is entered into the Personal Estate Preservation Workbook, which is forwarded to an Independent Attorney authorized by The Estate Plan who reviews, consults and completes the trust with the approval of the client. When the final documents are delivered, I review each section with my clients, get signatures, and have the trust witnessed and notarized. My services can continue to assist my clients with funding the trust (transferring all applicable assets into the trust) with the exception of transferring real estate deeds which are processed by the attorney.

What is included with an Estate Plan Living Trust?

The Estate Plan incorporates a full range of estate planning products and services, each tailored to your unique needs, including:

The Living Trust          

Applicable and valid in all 50 states, incorporates over 40 years of estate preservation experience serving clients nationwide. Also includes over 200 “Must-Have” provisions as referenced in Henry W. Abts III’s book, The Living Trust.

Vital Ancillary Documents

Additional control over your person or assets, so vital, they are included, at no additional charge, as part of the Estate Preservation Program.

Legal and Tax Updates

Through our nationwide legal and tax information network, we monitor changes, in the tax code and pending legislation and keep you informed.

Client Service

The Estate Plan’s Customer Service Department will answer questions, review your Estate Preservation Program, amend your current estate plan, or assist you with settling your estate.

Experienced Estate Settlement

The process of settlement involves following the instructions in The Estate Plan, Binder. Settlement assistance is also available through client services.

Every Living Trust includes:

Pour Over Will

Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney For Assets

Durable Power of Attorney For Health Care

Nomination of Conservator

Appointment of Guardian For Minor or Disabled Children

Assignment of Furnishings and Personal Effects

Trust Certification

Letter of Instruction

Transfer Letters

Comprehensive Instructions and Forms for Estate Management

Three-ring leather-like binder, with tabs separating each section, to organize your Living Trust documents

CD with information and instructions for your Personal Estate Preservation Program Binder

Schedule your personal, confidential, and professional consultation with Susan McCarthy, an independent advisor with The Estate Plan® and get these and other answers to questions you may have about a Living Trust:

I don’t own much, why should I do a Living Trust?

Won’t putting my property in a jointly held account be safe from probate?

Should I put my Trust as the beneficiary for my life insurance proceeds?

Isn’t my will enough to keep me from going through probate?

In a community property state, why isn’t property that is held in joint tenancy treated as community property?

Can two unmarried people who are living together create a Living Trust?

How do I prevent my assets, destined for my son, from being acquired by his wife if they get divorced?

Can I use a Living Trust for my disabled child?

Is it difficult to change my Living Trust?

Can my Successor Trustee make changes to my Living Trust?

What happens to my Living Trust if I get divorced? Remarried?

Can I revoke my Living Trust anytime?

What is the Marital Deduction, and how does it differ from the federal estate tax equivalent exclusion?

Do I file an Income Tax Return with a Living Trust?

Is it costly to transfer assets into the Living Trust?

What happens if one or both spouses have separate property?

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