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If you have struggled with anxiety about paper piles or a disorganized file cabinet, it’s not your fault! Household paper filing can become extremely tedious and complicated, and none of us realistically have the time to design an optimized system and execute that system.

Did anyone ever show you how to file papers for your household or personal business? Was household filing a subject ever taught in school? If you are like most of us, the answer is no. Yet, the handling and processing of paper is at the very center of your life. Your paper system is like your internal engine. If your paper is flowing smoothly then your life can flow smoothly.

One of the most marvelous tools that I discovered to improve the management of household, estate, or business records is the FreedomFiler System. As you file, the sorting happens easily and automatically. There is no thinking required when the time comes to purge. This is a maintenance-free file system that you can feel proud and confident about using. 

- Never again have to set aside time to clean out and reorganize files!
- Always have all your documents immediately available at tax time, year after year.
- No more wasting time setting up new folders and re-labeling files each year!
- Easy folder names allow you to finish routine filing in 5 seconds or less!
- Instantly locate receipts for returns, vendor disputes, and IRS audits for up to 10 years.
- Provides a central place for all vital family and property records.
Effortlessly keep all current policies and up-to-date personal files at your fingertips.

"What I like best about the FreedomFiler is that I don't have to think. It’s like having a full time filing assistant manage my files for me."

- Mikko Jokela, Property Manager, Oakland CA

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