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These are some of my favorite products and services.

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The AccessIDSM Card will give medical personnel the ability to access your need-to-know Emergency Medical Records. The AccesslDSM Card fits easily in your wallet and is the key to open your most critical medical information. Our service allows you to store and retrieve all your medical and legal records. This service will assist in reducing health care inefficiencies, limit the possibility of medical errors and ensure one's legal wishes. 


Are you buried in paper? Free yourself from paper clutter forever. Sign up for free teleclasses using highly successful and proven methods that significantly increase your organizing ability.



The Container Store is an exceptional and eclectic mix of products devoted to helping people simplify their lives.


Divinsa Online Backup and Recovery- Free Trial


Free trial period. Call David Remer at 1800-624-9561 X106 or email What makes this company unique is their superior customer service. They will walk you through the process and stick with you until you are completely satisfied. Experience the ease and automation of Divinsa's services and the peace of mind from knowing your data is secure and safe.


Emphasis on Excellence™ 

Emphasis on Excellence, Inc., is a company that changes what people know, feel, dream, and do through workshops, consulting, and publications. If you want to become more strategic, optimize your productivity, and just generally create a fabulous life, then this is one place you can find solutions and options worth exploring. 

Many fabulous free programs and tools offered. Click on the image on the left to  open this website page.

Exit Strategies: A Plan and a Place for Your Estate Information™ 

Organize, record and store your personal, legal, health, household, and financial information in an organized, compact system, Exit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information™. You create a strategic action plan for your family to follow when faced with major life crises. To order the Exit Strategies workbook or CD, click on the CD cover.

When asked is this a referral, please enter CEO or Creative Estate Organizers.



FreedomFiler®: The maintenance free filing system

FreedomFiler’s easy folder names and color coded index helps you file and retrieve up to 20 times faster than traditional filing systems by using only seven color coded categories associated with storage duration for organizing your files. No more guessing how long you should keep a document, no more wasting time cleaning out and reorganizing papers, no more stress searching for that important paper.

To receive a 15% discount off the retail price, call 775-882-5771.

Heritage Makers™-The Storybook Company

Passing on your guiding principles, beliefs, insights and reflections with your circle of loved ones is an important part of estate planning. Heritage Makers storybooks provide a fabulous tool to create your legacy statement. Storybooking is the unique Heritage Makers process of combining photographs with personalized writing into one or more professionally bound books.




Lots of resources, tips, and cool stuff. Watch video clips and entire episodes online from shows featured on HGTV.Com


Home Manager 2007-Organize your home information

Organize your inventory by category and location. Keep a running maintenance and repair history for your assets. Print a home inventory report (complete with digital pictures) for your insurance agent; backup your data for safekeeping, and get the peace of mind that comes with having a full accounting of your home inventory. Check it out by downloading a free trial version.




Humane Society-Free Kit Providing for your Pet's Future Without You

 Learn what steps you can take to plan and provide for your pet's future without you. The HSUS offers a free kit, "Providing for Your Pet’s Future Without You," complete with a six-page fact sheet, wallet alert cards, emergency decals for windows and doors, and caregiver information forms. This site contains tons of great information including how a living trust can provide for your pet immediately not only if you die, but also if you become ill or incapacitated. 





Intelliscanner Asset Tags

Intelliscanner Asset Tags make it easy to put a unique barcode on any object - books, periodicals, furniture, wine, comics, electronics, corporate assets - anything you want to track.


Know Your Stuff - Free Home Inventory Software

To help you document your possessions, a FREE home inventory software application is available through the Insurance Information Institute. After downloading the program files, the information is saved on your local hard drive and can be copied to a CD which should be stored off-site in a secure environment such as a safe deposit box or with a trustworthy family member.They also provide you with the option to sign-up with Vault 24 – a secure online storage facility – at a nominal fee.


Life Bio

Tell your life story and create your book using Life Bio's thought provoking questions.


National Association of Professional Organizers

Find a professional organizer in your state, get organizing tips, learn about the organizing industry.


Neat Company

Unique software and hardware scanning solutions use optical character recognition (OCR) and patented parsing technology to read information on receipts, business cards and documents so you can create a digital filing cabinet to organize and store all your important information.



Neatnix Organizing Systems

I love their jewelry organizers. Many other very cool products.


Ready America
 Great resources for disaster or emergency preparedness. Download Emergency Plans and Checklists for Family, Business, Pets, Older Americans, Disablilties and Special Needs, Hurricane Preparedness, etc.


Santa Fe Trust

 Santa Fe Trust provides one service and one service only; trust account administration. The legal requirements of trust management are difficult and time consuming and should be administered by experienced professionals. Your most important fiduciary decision is choosing a trustee. Improper administration by an inexperienced individual can lead to conflicts, unnecessary expenses and even personal liability. Unlike individuals, corporate trustees never die or become incapacitated. The act of appointing a corporate fiduciary helps to ensure proper and prudent trust administration. Santa Fe Trust is an independent trust company not owned or operated by a bank, savings and loan, broker/dealer or insurance company.


The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


Stride Security Property Protection Systems 

 Protect your personal property and documents with the world's first DNA finger print kit. By simply placing your fingerprint on the objects you wish to protect and/or writing your personal code or number on the objects using the DNA UV Security writing pen, they can be scanned to illuminate your marks to prove ownership.



The Estate Plan, Inc.

Founded in 1982 by best selling author of The Living Trust, Henry W. Abts III , The Estate Plan Comprehensive Estate Preservation Program provides the finest Living Trust documents that the average person's estate can afford. With a national network of over 1400 independent attorneys and advisors, The Estate Plan, Inc. provides support, research, and education in the legal statutes of all fifty states and the federal estate tax laws.


Top Ten Productivity Tips Free Subscription

Who doesn't want to become more peacefully productive? We all want that and Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. (also known as 'The Productivity Professor'TM) is someone who shares ideas about how to be calmer and more productive.

One of the ways that you can receive small, manageable ideas is to receive her "Top Ten Productivity Tips" each week.  The tips are a quick read and get your week started on a positive, productive note. Click on image to find out more.


The Ultimate Gift Experience

Find out about the movement that is inspiring millions to share the gift and change the world. Watch a movie trailer, read reviews.


World Clock

This World Stats Counter shows current statistical figures for world population, births, deaths, deforestation, and much more. Except for population and earth temp, all stats reflect the growth since the beginning of the selected time period. You can choose to show growth since the beginning of the year, month, day, or from the moment you click the NOW button. Notice that Births exceed Deaths and at a much faster rate. All figures represent World stats except divorces (world estimates were not available) and illegal immigration (mostly a US issue and also unavailable worldwide).