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*Prepare *Plan *Put in Place *Peace of Mind

Do you procrastinate when it comes to planning your future security and preparedness?Are your important papers such as insurance policies, bank statements, auto and house records, or medical records, scattered in piles or stuffed in drawers that would take weeks if not months to sort through?

How many times have you thought, “I really want to prepare my final arrangements but I just don’t know how to get started.” How about “I just can’t think about that right now, I’ve got more important things to do.” Or does this sound like you, “It’s too expensive to set up a trust. I can’t afford that right now.”

Most people feel the same way you do. It’s not something that is generally at the top of the list but it’s always somewhere on the “I’ve got to get to that” list of things.

Imagine how your life would change if you could find what you needed in five seconds or less, if you had a documented inventory of your possessions, a list of all your retirement accounts, right in one place.    

Think how relieved you’d be to know that every credit card account, your health insurance information, the location of your safety deposit box key, emergency contacts and phone numbers, was right at your fingertips.

Picture the time that you would save by not having to dig through piles of papers, sorting through file cabinets and boxes, trying to remember where you put the title for your car, or who were those piano movers you used five years ago, if your property taxes are paid through your mortgage lender.

Does this sound like something that would improve the quality of your life?

*Prepare *Plan for the Transition *Put in Place *Peace of Mind

So, if this makes sense to you, if this sounds like a reasonable request to get going and do something about it, like right now, before all those other important things in your life make you put it off any longer, I would like to help you get your affairs in order.

I can help you get to the bottom of overcoming "financial clutter" which I define as anything that obstructs, prevents, or frustrates your financial well-being, security or advantage. This includes not just unorganized, missing or misplaced important documents, but also unpaid and overdue bills, insurance claims not filed, money not earning returns, or uncollected money owed to you. Financial clutter can even be the source of worry and anxiety you feel from not preparing an estate or retirement plan, or not knowing your financial net worth.

*Prepare *Plan *Put in Place *Peace of Mind

As an independent advisor with The Estate Plan ®, a comprehensive estate preservation program, I can provide you with information about estate planning concepts, including the revocable living trust.  Please see the page titled Estate Preservation for more information about these services and products.


*Prepare *Plan *Put in Place *Peace of Mind

Create a “gift of love” that only YOU can give to your loved ones. You know that you have done everything you can to make this difficult time easier for your family. They will know that you have cared enough for them - to face your own fears and concerns - to create this plan for them to follow.

Like the intricate network of a flower, your estate plan starts with a tiny seed that takes root, nourishes, supports, and matures into a host of thriving blossoms.

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