Values First - Estate Planning with a Purpose

Have you procrastinated about estate planning because you feel it’s all about taxes and complicated financial/legal things? What if the task is no longer just about the numbers, legal terminology, and tax codes; rather it’s a personal journey and a celebration for life that clarifies what you want to do and why you want to do it.

More than ever before, people are expressing that the intangible assets in their lives such as character, faith, morals and life lessons are more important than their tangible or financial assets. Yet they also admit that they haven't done a satisfactory job of integrating these intangible assets into their planning efforts - and the consequences can be devastating.

Creative Estate Organizers employs a unique values-based approach that begins with what is most important to you. As you explore your beliefs, feelings and values, you develop a blueprint for guiding your decisions and actions about money, family, and society.

Our planning process is driven by three intrinsic objectives that we believe should be at the root of every estate plan; (1) the need for financial independence; (2) the desire to leave a family legacy, and (3) the desire to make a difference or to have a positive impact on society through a social capital legacy.

Our process to discover your intrinsic objectives is known as Values First. This becomes the blueprint that you and your professional advisors will consult to ensure that all estate planning decisions are consistent with your financial values and objectives.

We start with the most basic planning objective which is to achieve financial independence to maintain a desired lifestyle for you, your spouse/partner, and your dependents; to determine what should happen to you and your resources if you become incapacitated during your lifetime; and to provide for final arrangements for the end of life. Next we focus on family legacy which addresses wealth distribution to heirs and beneficiaries. Finally, social capital legacy represents that portion of the estate not needed to maintain financial independence and not designated for family legacy that are directed to philanthropic contributions.

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Values First: Estate Planning with a Purpose

We believe in Values First, starting with what is most important to you morally as well as financially.
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